About me


I’m a dactor. 

That’s a doctor-actor (I thought I was original with that, but it’s already on Urban-Dictionary).  I’m a board-certified family physician and have a Master’s in Public Health, so if you twist your ankle or urgently need to develop a program for health literacy while we’re on set, I’ll be happy to help out.  I am passionate about healthcare, but I fell back in love with acting in 2016.  I fell so hard that my husband and I moved all the way across the country from Ithaca, NY, to sunny Los Angeles so I could pursue it for real.  During the 15 months from when I made that decision to when we moved, I completed a five-semester Meisner program, performed in ten community theatre shows (including a two-woman showcase that I co-produced, directed and costumed) and ten student films.  The film in which I had my first lead (a smart, lovable but homicidal hobo) was also selected for the Harlem International Film Festival.  I also wrote, directed and produced my first short film (Works in Progress, about a doctor making a home-hospice house call), all while working 30 hours a week as a doctor at Cornell University’s student health center. 

Basically, since I started acting again, I have been a woman on fire.  I think this work is healing, inspiring and powerful, and I am incredibly excited and grateful to be doing it.

I also write a blog about being a doctor who tries to stay connected to my humanity, including my renewed passion for performance.  You can check that out here if you're curious!